How much mulch do I need?

Each yard will cover approximately 100 square feet based on 3 inches deep.

How many inches deep should I spread the mulch?

We recommend 3 inches deep to cut down on weeds. The basic procedure is to cover the soil with a fairly uniform layer of mulch about three inches thick. The mulch should be placed around and between the plants. Avoid covering your plants and keep the mulch an inch or two from the plant stems.  The mulch should be raked or "fluffed" periodically. This prevents it from packing down and repelling rain. Replenish mulch periodically so it stays about two to three inches thick.  Raking and adding fresh mulch from time to time will help prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing in the mulch.

What is the difference between Dyed Dark Brown mulch and Premium Finished Bark Mulch?

The Premium Finished Bark Mulch is the bark from the outer part of the tree, there is no wood mixed in and it is not dyed.  It is a double ground mulch.

The Dyed Dark Brown mulch is a wood mulch that we grind and color dark brown.

Is the mulch treated with anything?

Our mulches are not treated with any chemicals. 

Our dyed mulches contain wood and are colored with a non toxic dye similar to high intensity food coloring. When you get your mulch home, spread it out as soon as possible and let it sit in the sun for a couple days to even out and set in the color.

What is Playground Safety Fiber ?

The Playground Safety Fiber is a safe, natural, accessible and resilient hardwood fiber.  It meets or exceeds US consumer products safety commission guidelines and is IPEMA certified. 

Playground Safety Fiber does not contain any recycled wood products or any wood containing paint or other treatments.  Wood fiber is not made from whole tree wood chips and does not contain any twigs, bark or leaf debris.  Our Playground Safety Fiber is manufactured on site and delivered within 72 hours of placing order.  To support delivery requirements and prompt delivery, we also maintain a fleet of trucks in various sizes and capacities.

Playground Safety Fiber is normally installed 12” Deep.

Every cubic yard will cover 27 Square Feet at 12” Deep.

Why can’t I use just wood chips instead of Playground Safety Fiber?

“Wood chips” are the raw material that we engineer to be used for playgrounds. They are hard wood chips that can range in size from 1”x 1” to 3”x 5” and every variation in between. Wood chips are NOT IPEMA Certified. Playground Safety Fiber is inspected and tested every year to become IPEMA Certified. It has to pass a 3/4” sieve test, tramp metal test, and impact attenuation test. Playground Safety Fiber when installed to 12” will protect a child that falls from 12 feet. Although wood chips may do the same, they are not certified to do so.

Do I need to put down geotextile fabric underneath the mulch?

Mulch will help cut down on most of your weeds and make any that come up easier to pull. Applying weed barrier before applying mulch will help prevent weeds from growing up from underneath the mulch.

Supreme is listed in the yellow pages as a Recycling Facility.  What type of products does Supreme accept for recycling?

Supreme is a Wood Waste Recycling Facility.  We accept Leaves, Logs, Brush & Stumps.

We also offer free Disposal for Wood chips.  Leaves and grass must be packaged in brown bags.

We do not accept construction material or debris.

What type of mulch should I use?

The type of landscape mulch you use depends on your application.  You should decide which color of mulch is needed for enhancing your landscape.  The mulches which are not dyed will fade faster than the color enhanced mulches, depending on the amount of sunlight that hits them. Both kinds of mulches will reduce water loss from the soil, improve soil quality and slow weed growth.

Playground Safety Fiber is designed for use under playground structures.  It can also be used for jogging trails, dog runs and horse arenas.

Does the price of my mulch  include delivery?

Delivery charges are dependent upon amount ordered and the distance a customer is located from our yard. Please call the office at 860-485-1636 for pricing. 

Why should I use Playground Safety Fiber over “rubber mulches”?

As rubber mulch heats up, it releases toxic gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and another class of chemicals called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

These gases have been found to cause irritation of the nasal and respiratory passages, central nervous system damage, depression, headaches, nausea, dizziness, eye and kidney damage, and dermatitis. Playground Safety Fiber is comprised of all natural hardwood chips.

What are the advantages of using the blower truck?

The blower truck eliminates the labor when installing our mulches, compost, topsoil, and Playground Safety Fiber. We can very often go where wheel barrows and large trucks can’t. The blower truck also spreads the mulch more evenly which saves you money. If you want your yard to look professional and clean, leave it to the blower truck.

Do we carry Topsoil and Compost?

Yes we do carry topsoil and compost.  Our topsoil is screened with a ½ inch screen and is made with dirt from out facility.  Our compost is made of aged leaves and is good for gardens and flower beds.  We can also make a custom blend of topsoil and compost.

What types of material can be placed in a SI/SFP dumpster?

Clean forest products such as stumps, wood chips, brush, wood chunks.  Items such as lumber, treated lumber, railroad ties are not allowed.

Does Supreme perform clearing services in exchange for the wood chips/logs that are generated from the clearing?

No.  Supreme will provide pricing to potential customers that will take into consideration the value of the wood products that will be produced from the clearing.

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